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    I have a number of services that I provide, all of which centre around the creation and maintenance of websites that fit your needs and wants, as well as what’s best for your customers. I offer my expertise and advice where it’s required but strive to maintain as much of your vision as possible.

    My services are available to businesses of all sizes and I strive to give a personal focus on clarity for my clients. A lot of the time, I find there can be a disconnect between designers, developers and clients, whether this comes from a web design agency or a freelance web developer. I do my best to explain the reasons behind decisions at every step as well as listening to your feedback and doing whatever I can to implement, from design to development to pushing your site live. After all, it’s your website.

    Here’s a more in depth look at the services I can provide…

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    Web Design

    A website designer for small businesses & big businesses, I design bespoke websites with UX design in mind to make sure your site is easy to use for your users.

    I also keep you involved in this process as much as you would like, making sure the look of your site matches your business’ style and comes across as sleek and stylish.

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    Web Development

    My web development services complement my web design services from the start as I work to bring you a responsive, smooth WordPress website. I’m a WordPress website developer first and foremost and utilise its best features to give you a bespoke site that works for you and your customers.

    Click below to find out more about my WordPress development services.

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    Web Hosting

    We’ve covered the basics, I’m a web design agency & a freelance web developer for hire, but now you’ve designed and built your website, where are you going to put it? Well, I’ve an easy solution to that problem because I can also provide hosting services for your site at a reasonable rate.

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    Once your website’s been designed, built, hosted and pushed live, I can provide website maintenance services to fix any bugs, issues or errors that may crop up at some point in the future.

    Alternatively, if you decide you want to make a small change further down the line (or even a big change), my WordPress website support and maintenance services are what you’ll need.

    Don’t forget, you can use my website support & maintenance service regardless of whether I designed or built your site to begin with!